Sunday, August 28, 2011

Past Mani's

Hey all! I wanted to share some of my old mani's with you all. This isn't all of them as I have done quite a bit since I first found my love of nail polish/art. I first started April 8, 2011. Since then I have done over several mani's. Not all of them are documented but I have done a lot with a break from mid June to mid August. I was moving cross country from Indiana to California! Now I am back at it and have done quite a few and gotten a lot of new nail polish! Thank goodness! I was going through withdrawls! LOL!

Oh, and let me apologize now for the bad quality of the pictures. I didn't think I would EVER be using them in a blog so I just used my cell camera. Once I knew I was going to do a blog I started using my digital camera.

Ok so my first mani here is a base of Sinful Colors Let Me Go with nail stickers of butterflies and flowers with OPI top coat. I don't remember the brand of those stickers but I do know my (at the time) 3 year old daughter wanted me to do her nails and let me tell you, doing stickers on nails that small is HARD, but I did it! Here is my mani

Here is my daughter's toe mani. It's the only picture I could find. Don't know where her finger nail pic went...

This next mani I also did on my daughter. I started with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure All Fired Up with one coat of a pinkish Halloween glow in the dark polish and topped it off with OPI top coat.

One more for now then I need to get my kids in bed! This one is again a base of Sinful Colors Let Me Go with Pure Ice Love as the tip. I don't like how this one turned out but oh well!

Ok that is it for now. Let me know what you all think. More past mani's coming tomorrow! Thanks!


  1. I would think stickers on any size nail is hard... :D I like the first picture best -- not overly fond of different colored tips, although I know that's popular in spite of me :P

  2. I like french tips, I did something really similar to the one you did....Look up the term 'lightbox'. You can make your own simple cheap one with a box, tissue paper, posterboard and a desk light. It makes taking photos of nails much easier and nicer, I need to make one agian....mine got trashed in the move!