Sunday, January 22, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 18 - Half Moon

Ok just to warn you all, these next few posts will be short and sweet. I'll explain what I did and the colors used etc, but I won't be typing a lot. I need to play catch up with my blogs.

To begin my catch up posts is my day 18/31 challenge mani, half moon. I used CC Worth the Risqué as my base color and then I used tape to make the triangle and used CC Revvvolution to paint the triangle.

Since I am doing this on my phone I wont be able to put captions under my pics so I'll explain here. Pic #1 is in artificial light. Pic #2 is in Sunlight. Pic #3 is a close-up in sunlight. That's all for now!!

Artificial Light


Close-Up Sunlight

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