Thursday, January 5, 2012

31 Day Challenge, Day 5: Blue Nails!

Hello fellow polish lovers!! I have decided to do a 31 day challenge!! I am starting on day 5 (good for me as I don't like orange or yellow polishes except for nail art!) So starting on day 5 (blue nails) is good!! If you would like to do this challenge then by all means do!! You don't have to do it everyday! Lord knows I won't be able to with my two kids running around wanting to paint everything in sight once I start! Anyway, please feel free to join and remember to link my blog so others can see more spectacular (hehe) nails!

So last night when I did this mani (I try to get my manis done before bed but after my kids are asleep), I was looking on Chloe's Nails blog and remembered she had done somethnig with triangles! Well before I saw the pic, I decided the triangles is what I wanted to do anyway, so I went ahead and did it. The later went back to her blog and looked for what I was thinking of. I found it in her tutorials and it's called "Patchwork mani Tutorial....". Enjoy the reading and pictures!

Now onto the pictures! So the colors I used here are Orly Snowcone and Orly Royal Navy. I used tape to make the Royal Navy triangle. It was easy peesey. If you want to do 3 different colors for this look then use Chloe's tutorial I mentioned above. If you just want to use 2 colors, you still still follow her tutorial but the only thing I did differently was that I kept the tape pieces taped together to form the triangle.

Indirect Light

Indirect Light (not a dint at the bottom, just a shadow/reflection)


Sunlight with my daughters Cinderella play dress as a backdrop lol

So there you have it! Day 5, posted on day 6 lol! Hopefully I will get Day 6 posted on time. We shall see!!

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