Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello all you polish addicts out there and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My apologies for the long pause between posts! Holidays get a little hectic around here!! I am finally home from Christmas break and my kids are napping so I have a little time to blog!!

So for the first mani of the year, is more of a comparison. I purchased Make Up Stores Greta and Aqua Fix from a friend of mine. You can check to see if she has anymore at her blog sale. If you don't see it on her list email her anyway! Her email is at the top of her blog sale page. She still may have some! She got them from a group buy from MUS! Thanks to her I got to come home from Christmas vacay and open the package to this beautiful silver holo polish!! So without further ado, here is the comparison I have done!

Please keep in mind, this comparison is done on ACRYLIC nails! Not natural. Yes I cheated into getting my long nails. Anyway, I finally got my hands on MUS Greta and Aqua Fix! So naturally I want to test it right? DUH! So I used MUS Greta on ALL nails!! Now I was wondering why it looked different then what I have seen in pics. The pics that made me so obsessed with getting this color! Well I figured it out, but first, can you see a difference in the picture below? Scroll down and keep reading to find out what the difference is.

Ok so if you haven't seen the difference yet then I will tell you! If you look closely on my index and ring finger you can see that the holo effect is more prominent then my middle and pinky finger. This is due to MUS Aqua Fix! Now, which one has AF and which doesn't? Hmmmm....

Ok, have you all guessed yet?! Well, if you haven't, my index and ring finger are polished WITH Aqua Fix and my middle and pinky are WITHOUT AF! Quite the difference right? So when I did this and found the difference so amazing I decided to do AF first then Greta! Smart decision right? So now here are a couple pics with MUS AF and Greta... on ALL nails hehe!!

With Flash

Plain Light 


Indirect Light

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any questions at all please email I will post again either later today (I have some I need to post about), or tomorrow! Keep checking back for more!! Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Holy holo! That looks AMAZING!

    I couldn't tell the difference, but I love your nails!!