Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contest Winner Announced!

Hey everyone! My apologies on the long break between posts! I was out of town visiting family and then things got hectic when we got home! I had to get laundry done, then get my kids settled back into our routine and my daughter went back to school and we had to get her Valentine Cards ready! WHEW! I FINALLY have time to post again!!

Before I announce the winner I have a couple things I wanted to share! First, last night when my daughter and I started on her V-Day cards, I watched her for a little while before I did anything. I saw her, for the first time, write her name! Mind you she is 4 and so writing her name is a big accomplishment!! I was so proud at that moment that I wanted to cry! Here is a picture! Her name is Evelyne, Evie for short.

Look how well she did!! I am so proud!! After we did her cards we put them all in an envelope and she wanted to write Happy Valentine on it. So all I did was tell her which letters to write and showed her how on a separate piece of paper and she copied. Check it out!

She did so well with her writing! Ok so I am done on this topic now! I had to brag :) She's my girl!

Ok now on to the winner!! After what seemed like FOREVER but was actually only a few days, we have a winner of my first franken polish!! The name that won is "Midnight Sky" and the lovely lady who thought up the name is Jenn over at Painted Pixies!! Congratulations Jenn! I hope you enjoy my franken!! Please email me at muniasnails@gmail.com

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