Friday, February 17, 2012

For My Sister...

This post is for my eldest sister Rachel. She was talking to me trough FB chat last night and sent me a link to a blog where this girl made nail polish with eye shadow and then she put a matte top coat on it. I told Rachel that I had done that already. Made polish and matte'd some lol. She told me, and I quote "Well pfft :P" lol. I love my sister.

I asked Rachel what color she would like to see as a matte and she said a purplish blue. Ok perfect! I have a couple colors I can try out. I have Finger Paints Art of Theft. Its a navy blue base with a purple shimmer. I also have a similar OPI color but with a more pronounced purple shimmer. I can't remember the name though and I am not near my polish!

I had a feeling those colors wouldn't work because when you use a matte it takes away the prettiness of shimmers, holos, etc... But I tried anyway. It was a fail. The matte just made it look nearly black! So I got to thinking! What if I do 1 coat of FP Art of Theft and 2 coats of Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid? Well, just take a look and let me know what you think!


  1. I like it! (Needs a bit more blue though for the color I have in my head :P) Now if only I could let my nails dry! I can paint them, but something always manages to happen before they dry...