Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Alright my lacquered ladies!! My first contest! Please read for details on how this contest works!

So I made my first franken! I am very proud of myself and so I decided to do a contest! I got the idea from my friend Carrie but I can't for the life of my find the contest. I think she just had it as a gadget and didn't make a post about it. If I'm wrong Carrie let me know! Thanks! Ok, so what's going to happen is this. I chose 5 names out of random comments from my picture on the PAA (Polish-aholics Anonymous) facebook page! You will vote on your favorite name out of the list over there ---->. Whichever name wins, the person who thought of that name wins the franken polish!

Good luck to the people who thought of the names! Let the voting START!!! ---> over there hehe

P.S. Here is a bigger picture...


  1. Your right it was just a gadget, and then a few mentions on some of my posts! Thanks!

  2. I vote Dragon's Blood ;) Go dark!

  3. Such an awesome first franken!
    Ps: I've nominated you for two awards! Check it out at

  4. This is gorgeous!! Midnight Sky is exactly what I would have named it too, so I vote for that one. Good luck!