Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 2 - Favorite Spring Pink

Day 2 out of 60 days LOL! Today we get to choose our fav spring pink! I had a hard time choosing since my fav color is pink!! My wonderful husband helped me though! I was debating between OPI Got A Date To-Knight and GOSH Flamingo. My husband said to use GOSH because the OPI color was too "soft" it blended with my skin tone. So since I rarely get my husband's opinion I went with GOSH Flamingo. Here it is! 2 coats worth!

This was the only good pic I have. I tried to crop to get a close up on a nail but I didn't know that it's blurry a wee bit so it looked bad cropped. Anyway, it's just a pink mani! I love it though hehe!


  1. Gosh that's pretty! I'm so sorry, I had to do it! :) But I really do love it!

  2. This is seriously my favourite pink polish! Half my bottle is gone :)

  3. love this color, it's so cute!