Friday, March 2, 2012

International Festival

I have for you a very unique (in my opinion) mani today! Let me explain why my mani is the way it is.

My daughters school is having an International Festival today (Friday, March 1, 2012) and what happens, to my understanding, is that each class has a country they "do" things for. Such as pictures, decoration, food etc... There are three classes, therefore three countries. Germany, Brazil, and India! My daughters class got India.

So after things were done, each class set up their things as a museum. The kids were able to go to the other classes to look at their museums. Monday was Germany, Tuesday was Brazil and Wednesday was India. So now what happens is that there is a performance done by the kids. Singing and dancing and so on.

So what I did was googled the flags for each of those countries and did the nail art! The picture on the left is upside down on purpose. That was the only way to capture the flags in their correct state hehe. That was a nail art "my bad". Anywho, my left ring finger is the flag of Germany, my index is Brazil and my right ring is India! Now I did the rest of my nails in that purple/blue because my daughter is wearing a deep purple costume (India type clothing) and I wanted to match. So without further ado (finally right lol) here is the picture! I hope I did ok on the flags! Enjoy!

P.S. I couldn't do the writing or the stars properly on the Brazil flag because it was too small. Also the globe is blue it just dried really dark. Dang acrylic paint lol. Sorry Brazilians :-(


  1. These are awesome! What a fabulous idea! xxx

  2. Wow! These are great! I love them!