Friday, March 30, 2012


Today I have an incredible mani!! Well I am posting it today but the mani was from a few days ago. I didn't do any nail art or anything like that. I just did a single color but it has MANY colors in the formula! I bring you China Glaze OMG! This polish was easy to apply. I didn't notice getting any bald spots (except where my nail "humps" are, but I filed those away and re did the polish) and it was opaque in 2 coats! I probably could have gone 3 but I chose not to! So without further ado, here is the fabulous CG OMG!!!

Oh my look at that holo-y goodness! I think I am going to challenge myself to 31 days of holo's starting in May. I am currently in a challenge right now ever though I haven't done most of it. I have been having a hard month and have only have the motivation and energy to do simple 1 color mani's, BUT I am starting to want to do more again so YAY!!

I think what helped motivate me is that I don't want to bore you all for one! Two, my husband helped me move my nail stuff to next to my computer! SoI cleaned off my computer desk (which was a BIG mess) and now I have even MORE room to do my nails!! I have been so happy with it that I have skipped on my nightly routine of a relaxing spa bath just to sit at my computer desk, watch Netflix and paint my nails!! I love it!

Keep your eyes open for more posts coming soon!!

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