Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers (ASBMF) #1: Spring Pastels/Tutorial

I recently joined a FB group that is doing a Spring Challenge. It's called April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge started by the lovely Hannah over at Polished Prisms. There are 14 different mani's to do that I can do at my own pace. I love that I can do it whenever I want. Makes life easier LOL. With 2 kids running around and my wifely duties (house cleaning etc... especially since husband is gone for 3 weeks for work) a woman can get pretty busy and tired!! So my own pace is good! Here is the challenge!

Ok, so the first challenge was for a simple pastel mani. I was at Target with my kids and I went down the Easter aisle and it had Easter jelly beans. As soon as I saw them I was inspired to do a mani that looked like those jelly beans! As soon as I was done I posted the pic and I had a few people ask me how I did it! For the life of me I cannot remember the video I watched that I got this idea from, but let it be known that this type of mani was not "invented" by me!

So now, I will make my FIRST EVER tutorial!! This is my jelly bean mani!

Ok, to start off you need to choose the colors you want. You don't have to have pastels. I chose pastels for 2 reasons. 1.) It was part of my challenge, and 2.) It's Spring/Easter time! Pastels are a must during spring! Anyway, choose your colors. You will want slightly darker shades of the colors (or different is you so choose) you chose to use for the speckled part. Now paint your base color in which ever order you want them to be in. Here are the colors I used:

The bottom half of the picture are the colors used for the speckles

For this part you will need a paint palette or something similar that won't "melt" from acetone/polish remover. I have a cheap $.99 paint palette from Michaels. I usually tape my fingers as shown. Helps minimize the clean up! Next what you want to do is just put a drop or two of the darker shade polish and mix in a bit of acetone to make it thinner. Not too watery or it won't work!
Please excuse the nails. I needed a fill, but I took my acrylics off instead.

Ok, get ready for the messy part! Take a brush (I use a cheapo eye shadow brush and trimmed it down a bit) and dip it in the nail polish mixture. Then hold the brush as shown below. Please excuse the dry thumb. I had used acetone to clean my finger before the picture. Once you are doing this, just lets the bristles slide off your thumb to "fling" the polish at your finger. Make sure you keep your finger close to the brush and at the correct angle. This does get quite messy so be aware.
I had dinged my index finger so the finished product looks different

Once you "fling" the polish onto your nail the way you like it then do your normal clean up, top coat and moisturizing then move on to the next and follow the same steps with the mixture and brush! Then you're done!
As you can see the left is before clean up and top coat. The right is the finished product.

If anyone ends up trying this let me know!! I'd love to see your take on this mani!!


  1. This is a very well executed manicure! Love it and can't wait to try your technique.

    1. Thank you Amy! If you try this out I want to see pics!!

  2. I was wondering how you did it for the challenge and who would have thought it was this easy! Love it!

    1. It is really easy! I just hope my tutorial is understandable LOL!

  3. Interesting technique. Your mani turned out really nice! I'll try this sometime too. =)

    1. Thank you! I hope you do try it, and if so let me know! I want to see!

  4. I so gotta try this looks amazing :-)

    great blog btw, please check out mine and subscribe if you like my stuff :-) (its cybcerhick from instagram)

  5. very impressive, il have to give this a try!