Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Diva Loves Max!

Hello my wonderful polish addicts, lovers, and obsessors!! Today I have for you a GORGEOUS duo that I happened to figure out by accident!

I was just sitting at my nail station, which is also my computer desk, and I was swatching some new colors I purchased today. One of the purchases I made was OPI Diva of Geneva. Oh this color is spectacular!! It's like a purple based red shimmer polish! Oh it's beautiful. I'll have swatches of that beau by itself later on!

There is another color that I purchased a while ago that I just received in the mail around March 28th. Another gorgeous color! It's Max Factor Fantasy Fire (aka the Clarins 230 dupe). This baby is awesome!! Purple jelly case with color morphing glitter/shimmer. What would you call that? Anyway, it changes from red to yellow to green. It's wonderful!

Ok so as I was swatching DoG (Diva of Geneva), I had an epiphany! Layer Fantasy Fire over DoG!! Lordy I am so glad I did too! It's hard to explain the look so why don't you all take a look at the pics. We all know that's why you're really here anyway right? ;-)


  1. Stunning! I have Fantasy Fire and Diva of Geneva is a lemming! But when I get it, I will so have to do this! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love how the green duochrome picks up and just glows.
    (in unrelated news I believe I am your 100th follower!)

  3. Wow, the green glow looks awesome. Just sad the Max Factor polish is kind of hard to get. :/

    1. Yea, I hear ya! Took me a while to get it myself! I love it though! I know BeYu 209 is similar. It has a pinkish jelly base instead of purple and it isn't as intense but it's beautiful all the same! I own both. I can do a comparison if wanted but there are lots out there.