Thursday, May 17, 2012

ASBMF #4 and 5: April Showers and a Rainbow

WOW!! Ok so it's been a little bit since I have posted a Spring Challenge mani hasn't it?! Well I have not one but TWO for you today! The first mani is "April Showers," but before you all look at the picture, let me explain it. The colors I used were Essence Twins Romeo, Sinful Colors Blue By You,and Nabi Silver Glitter. The Essence represents overcast skies, the SC represents blue skies and the Nabi is rain.

Now I did both overcast and blue because of ASBMF #5: A Rainbow After the Rain! The color I used for that is Nfu-Oh 63! It's a gorgeous light pink holo!! I am in love with it!!

Look at that holo-y goodness!!! Beautiful color, right?!

Well that is all for today! My kids are having a bad day so I need to get them down for a nap. Neither (especially my son) didn't sleep well last night. Here's to a good nap...for mommy's sake! Thanks for reading!


  1. NICE!! I posted a holo mani on my blog this morning and I also used the phrase "holo-y goodness" hahahahaha

  2. I love that holo. Like the overcast skies too.