Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching Up

Ok do I am typing this on my phone as I am laying down in bed. I am about to nap! It's been a heck of a day so far! My kids don't want to listen, I need to go grocery shopping, I need to clean the house and I have to do it with 2 grouchy kids! UGH! Ok I am done lol. On to the mani!

Today I have for you OPI Just Spotted the Lizard from the new 2012 Spiderman collection! It's an exact dupe of Chanel Peridot and let me tell you, it's GORGEOUS!!! It went on very well despite some brush strokes, but I've yet to come across a polish like this and not get at least one nail with brush strokes! It doesn't bother me though! I have a comparison page saved on my desktop that I am going to add but I won't be able to get it till later. Ok, here we go! P.S. This polish does not make my hands look like a lobster. It was bad lighting!

EDIT (05/10/2012): Here is the comparison. Sarah over at Pinch of Pretty did a great job at the comparison!


  1. You did a great swatch of this! :)

  2. Gorgeous! Wow look at that green colour shift!

    1. It's even more beautiful in person!! It's gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful! I did a comparison as well and it's also a dupe for Gap Gold Rush!