Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello polish lovers!!

I want to take the time on this post and apologize to all my awesome followers. I have been MIA for a little while due to moving! I am almost done with moving but yet not almost done lol, ya know what I mean?! UGH! Anyway, I wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten about you and I have some mani's that I will post about shortly! Please bear with me while I finish moving and unpacking and such! Thanks for being so wonderful!!



  1. Hopefully you'll settle soon. Can't wait to see some mani's :D

  2. No worries April, we will all still be here when you are ready. :)

  3. Moving is a stressful time and the lady thing you need is to be stressed over your blog ;) well be waiting and wishing you the best on this move