Friday, July 20, 2012

Dollish Polish!!!

Hello my beauties!!! Today I have for you some Dollish Polish!! My Facebook birthday group did a group order and so I finally got me my first ever Dollish Polish polishes!! Now since I am making this post on my phone, I am not able to put pics in the middle so if you don't want to read my babbling then scroll on down!

So the polishes I bought from Dollish Polish are called: Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis, Expecto Patronum, and Sweet Dreams Are Made of Glitter! See pic at the bottom.

Now all these polishes are GORGEOUS, so I had a hard time choosing which one to swatch first! I finally decided on Sweet Dreams Are Made of Glitter! It's a beautiful mint green base with a subtle green shimmer and multi colored glitter. The glitter consists of mostly hex glitter. Small sized and what I consider "medium" sized. There is also squared glitter that could be considered large but I feel it's between medium and large.

Anyway, application was ok. It was a little thicker then I like but I didn't expect less with glitter. It was opaque in 2 coats. The picture I have below is with no "undies".

Do any of you own any Dollish Polish? If so, which ones?!

Thanks for reading!!

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