Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello my fabulous followers! I haven't posted in so long! My apologies! I've been so unmotivated lately, but I have done some manis and I want to get them up here for y'all to see! I will post 3 manis this time and 3 again soon. Hopefully not 2 months later though!

So this first mani is a GORGEOUS color! OPI La Boheme! I absolutely LOVE this color!! OPI is my fav brand so I have nothing bad to say about this polish! The color is great and the formula is great! I know a lot of people think OPI is too runny but I like my polish that way. I can't stand it all thick :/. Anyway here's the pretty polish!

The second mani I have for you is China Glaze Liquid Leather and Hits Phenomenon Moonbow! This combo is stunning! I plan on trying Moonbow with other darker colors but I wanted to see it over black in person! Liquid Leather is ok. It's a 2 coated black (for me anyway) and I much prefer 1 coaters. Moonbow went on nicely and I didn't think I'd like it all that much because I am NOT a glitter person at all! I may do more glitters since I know of the glue method now! I should try it soon!

Number 3 is my cow mani (third pic down)! Base is Cheri American Beauty, the black spots are Cheri Black, the pink is an SC color but I can't remember the name right off. Sorry :(! Anyway, I decided to do cows because I had gone to my Uncle's ranch in northern California for a few days. My Uncle works with cows (not Holstein cows but cows nonetheless), and horses but I figured cows would be easier to do lol!

Whatcha think?! Has anyone ever tried cows before? What's you fav base for Moonbow?!

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