Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Private Jet

So I went dusty hunting when I went to visit my family a bit ago. When I went into the mail salon I instantly saw OPI MPJ and I asked to purchase it. They said no! I was like I'll give you $7.00 for it! I really wanted it so I kept pestering and the FINALLY let me have it! I also scored China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out and He's Going in Circles from the Kaleidoscope Collection. Check it out!

As you can see by the bottom picture they were all still pretty full! Add a bit of thinner to each (not a lot) and they all get a little more full hehe!

Ok, so now I have OPI's My Private Jet! I haven't tried it yet until now and I must say I LOVE IT!! It's a nice dark coffee bean brown holo. It went on well and took about 3 coats for full opacity. It's absolutely gorgeous in my opinion! I hope you all enjoy looking at the pic as much as I enjoy looking at my fingers LOL!

I will get swatches of Kaleidoscope Him Out and He's Going in Circles as soon as I can. I need to play catch up on my Spring Challenge. I accidentally skipped today's, but will get it done tonight and snap pics, then I will take it off and do tomorrows!

I was originally going to paint the India Flag on my nails because I was hoping to be a volunteer-er at my daughters school but day care isn't provided for my son :( Only students. They are having museum set ups in their classrooms and the kids get to go to each classroom and check out the stuff! Yesterday was Germany, today is Brazil and tomorrow is India! My daughters teacher is from there so she (the teacher) is excited and made the kids some costumes for the dances they are doing on Friday! I can't wait to see it! I will post some pictures when I have them! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I finally found me the LAST Sinful Colors Cinderella at my local Walgreens for $0.99!! I am so excited! It's such a beautiful color! When I saw everyone's pictures I just thought it was a light blue with shimmer! I was right but I couldn't see that the shimmer was pink!

Cinderella went on very smooth in my opinion. I had no troubles with it at all! It's kind of sheer, but can be opaqued in just 2 coats! 3 would probably be better but I liked 2 coats. Ok here it is!

Can you see the pink micro flakies! Yes they are flakies! Extreme close up is below.

How gorgeous is that?!

I love this color! Not only that, but Cinderella is my favorite princess! She's one of my daughters favorites too, although my daughter (who is 4) calls her Cindyrelly lol! So how do you like Cinderella?!

My First Giveaway!! 50 Followers!!

My very first giveaway! I am slightly nervous since I have never done one before. I hope I don't screw it up LOL! The giveaway start tonight, Feb 28th at 12:01am. It will go on for a week and end on March 6th at 12:01am. Good luck everyone!

Here are the wonderful prizes I have for my awesome followers!!

For winner #1, you will get Color Club Back to Boho Collection B and Essie Shine of the Times! You may have noticed that the inside of the box for Back to Boho is ripped a little. I honestly don't know how it happened. I bought it that way, but I can guarantee that none of the polishes have been used.

For winner #2, you will get Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection!

Good luck to all that enter my giveaway and I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far! (click on "read more" for the giveaway widget thingy)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 8 - Blossom Trees

Before I start my challenge post I need to vent!! I was cleaning yesterday, minding my own business when while shaking out the bathroom rugs my left pinky nail breaks!! WTH?!?! So of course I had to clip/file my nails down to even shorter nubbies then they were! Ugh!! After 3-4 weeks of nail envy my nail breaks!! *Sigh* oh well on to day 8 mani.

Today's challenge mani is Blossom Tree! Well this is my first time doing a Blossom Tree nail art mani. I hope you all like it!

The base is Wet N Wild I Need A Refresh Mint and I used acrylic paint for the nail art. I mixed red and white to get my pink paint. Enjoy!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 5 - Spring Clean - An Out of Season Color

Ugh! I have been so tired lately and I have no idea why!! I usually go to bed well past midnight but 2 out of like 4 days I have gone to bed at like 10 or 11!! Not sure what's up!

Anyway, because I have been so tired I missed day 3 and 4 of the challenge! Thank goodness it's no biggy lol! I did do day 5 which was on Tuesday. I am just now getting around to posting it. My apologies on the tardiness but life decided to get hectic. Now that it's slowing down I can post again!!

So for day 5 I was to choose an out of season color. In my opinion the color I chose is def out of season! I chose Wet n Wild Disturbia. This has become a new fav of mine! My pic shows the small bottle (forget size) but I recently found Disturbia at Rite Aid and my BX in a 15ml bottle! I was stoked so of course I bought one!! It went on nicely and left no bald spots (unless you paint in same area over and over but duh lol). It's a dark purplish/mauve color with what looks to be a pink/purple/blue shimmer. Check it out! The left pic is in direct sunlight, middle is with flash and the right is indirect sunlight. Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Traveling Polish!!

Boy do I have some exciting news for you all!! A few of us addicts from the PAA group I am in on Facebook, have decided to do a traveling polish! Thanks to Carrie for getting us started!

So what's going to happen is that the polish that is chosen will travel the world! There is a list of people who are going to do this and everyone on the list will get a chance to do a mani, snap some photos, stick a postcard in the mailer along with the polish and send it off to the next person! Once the polish runs out it will be replaced with another! Fun right?!

The Traveling Polish beings March 1st so join up now! You can join on the Traveling Polish facebook page! Hope some of you take advantage of this fun and exciting idea!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Too Tired...

Evening ladies and gents! I won't be switching my mani tonight because I am just WAY too tired! I am usually up till 1am doing my nails but it is now nearly 10pm and I am falling asleep while posting this!

So instead of doing day 4 of the Spring Challenge (which reminds me I forgot day 3 due to fabulous nail mail which you're about to see) I will post the mani I did for today and now tomorrow lol!

Thanks to Charlotte Ann (will link in the AM, my apologies) from my PAA FB group, I am now the proud owner of China Glaze IDK and TMI! I received my nail mail yesterday and decided on IDK for my mani! Here it is!

For My Sister...

This post is for my eldest sister Rachel. She was talking to me trough FB chat last night and sent me a link to a blog where this girl made nail polish with eye shadow and then she put a matte top coat on it. I told Rachel that I had done that already. Made polish and matte'd some lol. She told me, and I quote "Well pfft :P" lol. I love my sister.

I asked Rachel what color she would like to see as a matte and she said a purplish blue. Ok perfect! I have a couple colors I can try out. I have Finger Paints Art of Theft. Its a navy blue base with a purple shimmer. I also have a similar OPI color but with a more pronounced purple shimmer. I can't remember the name though and I am not near my polish!

I had a feeling those colors wouldn't work because when you use a matte it takes away the prettiness of shimmers, holos, etc... But I tried anyway. It was a fail. The matte just made it look nearly black! So I got to thinking! What if I do 1 coat of FP Art of Theft and 2 coats of Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid? Well, just take a look and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 2 - Favorite Spring Pink

Day 2 out of 60 days LOL! Today we get to choose our fav spring pink! I had a hard time choosing since my fav color is pink!! My wonderful husband helped me though! I was debating between OPI Got A Date To-Knight and GOSH Flamingo. My husband said to use GOSH because the OPI color was too "soft" it blended with my skin tone. So since I rarely get my husband's opinion I went with GOSH Flamingo. Here it is! 2 coats worth!

This was the only good pic I have. I tried to crop to get a close up on a nail but I didn't know that it's blurry a wee bit so it looked bad cropped. Anyway, it's just a pink mani! I love it though hehe!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 1 - V-Day Mani

Here we go everyone! Day 1 of my next challenge! The Spring Challenge!! Day 1 started today on Valentine's Day so naturally all challenge participants did a valentines day mani! There were some great manis too!

Just so you all know I am doing this from my phone so my apologies on any typos or pic problems. I will check this on my desktop in the AM!

Now without further ado here is my Valentine's Day mani! The base is OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, the kisses and tips are CG LOL and QT.

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge

So I am doing a challenge for the season of Spring! That is about 2 months worth of manis!! Aahh!! I am gonna have soo much fun! Here is what the challenge is going to consist of!

Contest Winner Announced!

Hey everyone! My apologies on the long break between posts! I was out of town visiting family and then things got hectic when we got home! I had to get laundry done, then get my kids settled back into our routine and my daughter went back to school and we had to get her Valentine Cards ready! WHEW! I FINALLY have time to post again!!

Before I announce the winner I have a couple things I wanted to share! First, last night when my daughter and I started on her V-Day cards, I watched her for a little while before I did anything. I saw her, for the first time, write her name! Mind you she is 4 and so writing her name is a big accomplishment!! I was so proud at that moment that I wanted to cry! Here is a picture! Her name is Evelyne, Evie for short.

Look how well she did!! I am so proud!! After we did her cards we put them all in an envelope and she wanted to write Happy Valentine on it. So all I did was tell her which letters to write and showed her how on a separate piece of paper and she copied. Check it out!

She did so well with her writing! Ok so I am done on this topic now! I had to brag :) She's my girl!

Ok now on to the winner!! After what seemed like FOREVER but was actually only a few days, we have a winner of my first franken polish!! The name that won is "Midnight Sky" and the lovely lady who thought up the name is Jenn over at Painted Pixies!! Congratulations Jenn! I hope you enjoy my franken!! Please email me at muniasnails@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Alright my lacquered ladies!! My first contest! Please read for details on how this contest works!

So I made my first franken! I am very proud of myself and so I decided to do a contest! I got the idea from my friend Carrie but I can't for the life of my find the contest. I think she just had it as a gadget and didn't make a post about it. If I'm wrong Carrie let me know! Thanks! Ok, so what's going to happen is this. I chose 5 names out of random comments from my picture on the PAA (Polish-aholics Anonymous) facebook page! You will vote on your favorite name out of the list over there ---->. Whichever name wins, the person who thought of that name wins the franken polish!

Good luck to the people who thought of the names! Let the voting START!!! ---> over there hehe

P.S. Here is a bigger picture...